Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Movin’ On Up – Or, In StreetBrains’ Case, Down

Pardon the departure from our typical subject matter, but, today, we’d just like to gush a little bit about the new office space we moved into over the weekend, located in the Flatiron neighborhood of Manhattan.

After 3 long days of grueling work to get our new space up and operational, today is our first day up and running at 72 Madison Ave. So far, so good - save for the slight high we all have from the paint fumes.

The office itself is a wide open loft space (5,000 sf), with high ceilings, exposed industrial piping, hard wood floors, and just overall ‘downtown cool.’ Dark wood furniture, a few Carolina-Tar-heel-blue accent walls, and a pool table separating the two sides of the office give the space a StreetBrains ‘edginess.’

As cool as the space itself is, the true pride of the office is the enormous StreetBrains road sign that we had custom made to hang over our reception area (identical to our logo, except this is 5x7 feet, 150 lbs, and made of reflective highway sign material!). Once that was hung, it really felt like home. See picture above.

We still have some decorating to do, but overall, we are extremely proud of our new space, and can’t wait to host our first big social gathering to bring our clients, friends and family together to celebrate with us.

To read the full press announcement about our move, please click here.