Friday, July 18, 2008

Bugs, Quirks and Hiccups

Apple’s new 3G iPhone launched last week greeting the market with fresh applications, cheaper prices, and faster speeds. Enter, hiccups.

Since last Friday, iPhone users have encountered several issues ranging from poor MobileMe functionality to complete iPhone black-out. If you change things up, there’s always the possibility that any well-laid plan will meet setbacks, especially when launching a high-tech product like this.

Should Apple lovers be shocked? If you’ve bought an apple product, you’re probably in the majority of consumers who have found most of their devices flawless and their compatibility seamless. You would expect the quirks to be minimal, perhaps non-existent. However, the reality is that nothing is perfect; Apple customers understand that problems may arise. Everyone is still buying iPhones, right? Apple’s brand is still in tact – they can afford to have hiccups.

Would You Still Buy Research?

Regardless of the offering, a product must add value upon its release. Apple wouldn’t launch an iPhone the size of a Kindle with a fatal flaw in its wireless technology – Apple knows better than that. There would have to be an incentive to buy, adding value to your work or your life. Hiccups or not, iPhones will still be flying off shelves because of the value offered.

Wall Street is a different world, and a research product is far different from an iPhone. When held to an investor’s high expectations, research providers are not given leverage – there is no room for error. Research providers must be resilient, precise and completely entrenched in their work. Every part of the process must add value. There isn’t a research provider anywhere who would hand-write their insights on scroll paper, seal it with wax and then send it to a client via horse courier – at least not in this century.

The same is true for the content. What adds more value: the analyst who walks the factory floor, or the analyst who makes phone calls asking what the factory floor looks like? The standards of a research provider must be high, as it should be assumed that someone is always paying attention to quality. At StreetBrains, we’ve identified realistic strategies and goals that enhance our products and their distribution invaluably. Our clients demand the best and we pride ourselves on delivering just that.

Whatever you offer must beat expectations, so as to never raise doubt about your value. In this world, you can’t afford to deliver bugs or duds; unless, of course, you have the iPhone 5G.