Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Calling All Analysts!

Unfortunately, the markets are a mess and it’s causing some panic at bulge bracket research desks all across the industry. If you’re a Wall Street analyst that hasn’t been laid off yet, then you’re probably sitting in your office wondering what’s next.

In uncertain times, you have to do what right for you. At StreetBrains, we empower analysts to do just that. No matter what happens, the buyside needs to maintain coverage and access to talented analysts. We deliver targeted research to powerful clients. Our operation proves that you don’t need put limits on investment insight. The analysts write research on their terms – we do the heavy lifting.

Street Brains values the diversity of talent in the industry and is looking for new research providers to join our platform. In an effort to court those whose security in the bulge brackets may be a bit doubtful, Street Brains will be hitting the road with a billboard truck that will be touring Manhattan. Keep an eye out for our sign, and if you would like any more information about who we are or what we do, or if you’re an analyst looking for details about joining our platform, feel free to contact us at 212.430.3000.

Key Messages of the Campaign
  • Street Brains offers Wall Street analysts the opportunity to write valuable investment research on their own terms and cover markets the way they want to, with more freedom than ever before. If they go independent, they have more choices. Through our partnership with InfoEx, we enhance the delivery of information to our buyside clients, offering seamless navigation of research.

  • Street Brains analysts draw outside the lines. In our view, duplication of analysts is a good thing. We empower individuals to work outside the restrictions of bulge bracket firms.

  • Street Brains is a trusted research partner, providing services that help the buyside during this harsh time of consolidation and change. We offer continuity. With InfoEx, we provide relevance in information gathering – content directed the way you want it.

  • The buyside needs to maintain coverage and access to talented analysts. With the appropriate exposure, our analysts attract the attention of many powerful clients.

  • Ours is a “virtual” world. If an analyst loses his infrastructure, does that mean the buy-side should suffer decreased coverage? Street Brains provides a new kind of infrastructure where research and targeted distribution operates hand-in-hand.

  • Street Brains provides a conduit for virtualization of research departments. Street Brains helps with the heavy lifting – marketing, sales and distribution. Our partner, InfoEx, helps maximize the distribution channels and caters to the client through methods that best serve their needs.