Monday, June 8, 2009

InfoEx has entered into a definitive agreement with StreetBrains.

StreetBrains is really excited to announce some great news!!

New York, NY – June 8, 2008 - InfoEx (the Information Exchange) has signed a letter of intent to purchase certain assets of, LLC. StreetBrains provides numerous services, including marketing, operational support, and e-commerce payment mechanisms for independent research providers. These bundled services allow independent research providers to focus nearly entirely on what they do best, cover companies. This technology also provides access for the independent providers to a quick and efficient method to penetrate the retail market and sell reports on a “one off” basis. InfoEx provides a platform that matches trading activity and user activity on the system with relevant information of all types by creating a profile for each individual user. This profile is derived by use of InfoEx's proprietary "relevance engine" and is also used for email filtering, real time alerts, aggregation of research materials, RSS feeds, and various forms of non-conventional and conventional information. The acquisition will also allow InfoEx to apply its targeting relevance technology, for the first time, to the retail market.

“What attracted us to StreetBrains was the way they act almost as a "Hedge-fund Hotel" for independent research providers. There are many times in which clients have stated they also want the opportunity to discover the "Diamond in the rough", in terms analyst coverage, but time constraints and information overload often prevent the discovery from happening. StreetBrains helps create the diamond and InfoEx makes sure it is seen by the exact person looking for it" stated Dean Stamos, CEO of InfoEx. “While InfoEx has created a unique platform for the targeted delivery of research and information to the institutional investment community, StreetBrains has developed an approach that facilitates research operations, reports, conferences, and webinars which will be distributed via the InfoEx platform" Mr. Stamos added.

The two firms began informal talks a year ago and began working together in the fall on a promotional campaign to attract investment analysts to the combined offering. “Working with Joe Cammarata and Dean on the marketing project and reviewing the technology InfoEx has created made for an easy decision to become part of the information platform that InfoEx has created. Having the flexibility offered through the InfoEx dynamic technology platform will permit the StreetBrains brand to grow. We intend to bring professional level independent research directly to all investors from the long term hold investor to the advanced institutional money manager. The InfoEx platform can accommodate our needs perfectly” say Lawrence Margolis StreetBrains’ Managing Member.

The new StreetBrains platform including an advanced retail online store is expected to be launched in June 2009.

About InfoExchange

InfoExchange, Inc. was founded in 2007 to revolutionize the way Wall Street communicates. Using its patent pending Information Smart Router™ technology, InfoEx references clients’ trading data to determine what information is relevant to them -- streamlining information flow, reducing “electronic noise” and creating value by delivering highly-customized, timely content straight to the desktop or mobile device. (


For more information please contact or call Lawrence Margolis at (212) 430-3030.