Thursday, January 22, 2009

Young But Seasoned

Earlier this week, during a call with potential client, we were asked, "Why StreetBrains?"

We noted the best-of-breed research portal, the enterprise search, the dynamic list of research providers, and all the other benefits our content and technology have to offer. But somehow, that wasn't enough. This client needed more. They were concerned that StreetBrains might be too young, too inexperienced, too new.

We are a young company. There's no denying that. Those concerned with the age of our business have every right to ask, "Why StreetBrains?" If you're an investor looking for research or investment strategies, you want to be sure that the source is stable and well versed in the language and history of the business.

As Barack Obama mentioned in his inauguration speech, we are a young nation but we must choose our better history. At StreetBrains, we do just that. While still a young organization, we have decades of Wall Street experience under our belt. Our analysts are well aged in the industry, some working in their field since they were teenagers.

The platform is new, but the content is seasoned.

We have built the StreetBrains platform around a large and strong group of independent providers who tackle their covered industries with a voice of experience and professionalism. Their work is second to none and we are proud to offer them an outlet that appropriately markets their value.

Though young, we choose our better history. We choose the pedigree of excellence that our content provides. We see ourselves as a very seasoned company and we are proud of the many analysts and research providers who have allowed us to offer the best information money can buy. We will be called too young, too inexperienced, too new, but we won't blink an eye because we are confident in the content that defines us.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Providers Every Week

With over 80 providers in our pipeline, StreetBrains is dedicated to delivering the best, most diverse, and widest selection of independent research providers to our clients. We understand that investors deserve information exactly the way they want it. Probe Financial Associates and EMEA Research are just two of our newest research providers offering expert hours, reports and investment updates. Check back with for more on these new products as we launch our new research portal.

Probe Financial Associates, Inc. (PFA) provides research expertise in telecommunications and relative IT sectors. PFA is the leading source of independent, unbiased research in the telecommunications/IT industry. Probe assesses the complexity and change that characterizes these industries. Our experts have extensive industry experience and the finest record for correctly forecasting major changes.

PFA offers coverage of a wide array of industry topics and companies, including these primary areas of expertise:

  • IP Networking and Services (VoIP, IPTV and other areas)
  • Wireless (mobile, broadband and other aspects)
  • Cable and Satellite (broadcast, content and communications)
  • Established Telecom (carriers, competition and M&A, equipment cos.)
  • PFA's Client Programs and Services

Probe Financial Associates offers an extremely attractive value proposition to a wide variety of investment management firms. We cover the complete range of companies, from mega-sized industry giants to mid-to-large cap companies, down to small and emerging players.

Our level of expertise is unparalleled and unchallenged. We are prolific in producing written reports that are always geared to important issues and developments or to relevant industry companies.

EMEA Research provides research focused on country allocation in Eastern Europe, the Middle East & Africa. EMEA Research discovers value by examining the intersection of political risk and investment opportunity.

EMEA Research offers risk-adjusted strategies focusing on country allocation, sector allocation and stock selection. With the exception of South Africa, equity markets in EMEA, trade in reaction to investor’s assessment of how news impacts a nation’s economic prospects and political risks. EMEA Research has observed that – even in the most liquid markets – if one sector makes an independent move, the entire market will follow; the best/worst stocks in their own universe trade up and down with the overall market regardless of fundamentals.

Stacia Hachem works with a team of independent consultants focusing on in-country investment opportunities & quantitative research.

An extensive rolodex, based primarily in EMEA countries, is put to use to obtain in-country opinions on companies, industries, sectors and countries.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

PatternWatch Speaks with Steve Malzberg

Steve Frenkel, senior analyst of PatternWatch, will be on the Steve Malzberg Show on WOR-710 today at 4:50pm. They will be discussing various topics related to the economy and markets. If you're near a radio or computer, tune in to hear what Frenkel has to say. He will be offering some fresh insight that draws from all three of his PatternWatch products (Stocks; Currencies/Commodities; Interest Rates).

If you are interested in speaking with Steve or receiving samples of his reports, please contact StreetBrains at 212.430.3000.