Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Looking Forward: StreetBrains '09

While we try to forget about '08, is there something to be learned? Maybe a few things, but let's not dwell on the disappointments. The TARP, Lehman Brothers, Bernie Madoff, bad markets... the list goes on.

'09 should be better, right? It has to be.

At StreetBrains, we're not going to focus on the negative news. '08 has taught us that our industry isn't perfect no matter what paper you print it on. So what?

The answer is to move on. Keep going. Do the right thing. Think and act positively.

Information Matchmaker

It's a new year. StreetBrains loves a new year. We love staying fresh, we love changing it up and we want you to benefit from our embrace of change.

Our new website, StreetBrains 2.0, will soon be launching. With our new research hub, we will be your information matchmaker. Have a research need? No problem. We make it simple and easy to get the insight you need to make trading decisions. We are opening the door to an information portal that will match your profile with the right research. Looking for research on the Middle East? Want to know when to buy energy related stocks? All of our research is at your fingertips. We have a research pipeline of 76 providers representing over 170 analysts - one of the largest teams on Wall Street, independent or otherwise.

StreetBrains has been working very hard to make '09 a very exciting year. We want you to share the excitement with us.