Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thanks, Integrity!

Yesterday, Integrity Research blogged about the current state and future of independent research and how the Wall Street woes are affecting analysts.

Integrity touches on some sobering truths regarding the industry, mentioning that ‘grim days’ are ahead. That might sound bleak, but StreetBrains wants you to know that not all’s lost! While analysts may be suffering and the future looks ‘grim’, we’re providing an answer. StreetBrains is a solution to your research needs. By improving our technology and adding more research providers on a weekly basis, we’re leaving our mark on the industry.

We may be in desperate times but there’s always a way to rise above. If you’re making scrupulous decisions and doing right by the people you serve, then you’re already one step ahead of the curve.

We thank Integrity Research for pointing out that StreetBrains has been making moves and adapting to the Wall Street woes. We appreciate being noted as one of the few research providers who are ramping up their offering in response to the poor economy.

StreetBrains has decided not to be a victim. We’re choosing to rise above the problems of the industry and strive for something better. Downsizing our offering would only hurt us; we’ve chosen to upgrade. With the imminent launch of StreetBrains 2.0, we’re proving, day in and day out, that we are here to compete and show the buy-side how good research really gets.