Sunday, November 18, 2007

He Who Stands Alone....

Henrik Ibsen once said, “The Strongest Man in the World is He Who Stands Most Alone.”

The same can be said for investment research – the strongest research is that which sets itself apart entirely from its peers.

In a story in this week’s Barron’s, one of the Street’s brightest, most well respected investment columnists, Michael Santoli, pointed to insights from StreetBrains’ analysts, Photizo Group, to support the idea that LXK (Lexmark International) is a BUY - despite the fact that 13 of 14 analysts on the Street have a SELL or HOLD rating on the company.

Photizo Group – the leaders in imaging industry research – are the sole analysts rating LXK as a BUY.

StreetBrains clients who read Photizo Group research have been privy to these insights about LXK for months. This Barron’s story underscores the value of StreetBrains research: Our analysts are experts on niche industries, companies and sectors, and we provide insights that our clients aren’t hearing anywhere else.

In addition to the Barron's placement, DebtVisions - also part of StreetBrains research consortium - was featured in the Financial Times this weekend, discussing the unlikelihood of the Alltel deal getting done. (click here to read the full story.)