Monday, November 12, 2007

Welcome to The Brainstorm!

I’m Larry Margolis, moderator of The Brainstorm, and co-founder and Managing Director of StreetBrains. The Brainstorm is still in its infancy, so we thought we’d tell you a little bit about what you’ll be able to find here as the blog expands.

As you may know,
StreetBrains is an independent investment research consortium that provides limited distribution research to qualified institutional investors. The Brainstorm is where our analysts come to blog about the topics they are most interested in, or the issues and trends that are on their minds in between research reports.

Additionally, The Brainstorm is where we talk about trends in the research industry – what types of research institutional investors are looking for in the current market; new regulations and what they mean for payment arrangements (CCAs, etc); new trends in how independent research is being used and who’s using it; and the myths about independent investment research that we encounter as we navigate the business.

We welcome the opportunity to hear your thoughts and suggestions. To ask a question, offer feedback or make suggestions, please contact

Please check back regularly to see what we’re Brainstorming about.

- LM

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