Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We Called It

Moderator’s Note: Every week or two, we’ll be putting together a brief update section, such as the below to give our readers an update on how our analysts are doing and where their insights are being published. Check back for more calls-come-true!

As mentioned in the previous post, Photizo Group – part of StreetBrains independent research consortium – was the sole analyst group (1 out of 14) on the Street to have a BUY rating on LXK (Lexmark International). After having this fact highlighted in an article in Sunday’s Barron’s, the stock jolted up 2.08% on Monday - a day when the DJIA was down 1.66%!

Also over the weekend, DebtVisions was cited in the FT, after calling that the Alltel deal would have trouble getting done.

Two other StreetBrains analysts kicked off the holiday week with timely calls:
  • MediValu was one of very few analysts to have a BUY rating on Pharmion (PHRM), with a $55 price target. Pharmion was acquired by Celgene (CELG) for $72 a share.
  • The Bank Notes put a BUY rating on Franklin Bank Corp (FBTX), calling the15.28% drop off in the stock price on 11/19 “unfounded.” The analyst covering FBTX for Keefe, Bruyette & Wood seemed to have the same sentiments – he issued the same call this morning. Together, they seem to be the only two analysts ready to stick their toe back into the water of this stock.

Last but not least, have we mentioned that StreetBrains’ oil analyst, Sterling Account, is up over 43% on its calls for the year? (As per Sterling Account, please click here for full details of their calls.)

More to come....